How to get SNAP in Virginia.

How to Get Food Stamps / SNAP in Virginia 

The Virginia SNAP program is the replacement for the more commonly known food stamp program. The SNAP program (or supplemental nutrition assistance program) is provided to assist people in lower income brackets or with disabilities to be able to make food purchases either for free or at a discounted rate. The Virginia SNAP program helps to curb issues such as hunger and starvation and is paid for by the taxpayers of Virginia. If you would like to know how to get on SNAP in the State of Virginia, please proceed to the following steps.

1. You will first need to apply for Virginia’s SNAP program by either printing or acquiring a Virginia SNAP application form. This application form will need to be filled out with extreme accuracy because your answers will directly determine the amount of food stamp / SNAP benefits that you will be able to receive. You can either get a SNAP application by visiting a DSS office and picking one up, or you can download and print a Virginia SNAP application at the following web site address.

2. When you have completed the application you will need to be sure that you bring it to a Virginia DSS office. Here you will turn in the application to a case worker. Please expect there to be a wait, as most DSS offices are usually pretty busy. You can find the location of a DSS office by visiting the following web site.

You may also call them for directions at this phone number.

3. Your application will be immediately reviewed to determine if you need any types of emergency food stamps / SNAP benefits. These benefits are usually reserved for people that have run low on money and do not have food currently in their home and risk going hungry. Your case worker will determine if you need any emergency SNAP benefits in Virginia. If you do not qualify for emergency benefits, you will be given an appointment time so that you can come in for an interview. Once you are approved, you will receive an EBT card in the mail that will let you make your food purchases with. If you need any other information on how to get food stamps in Virginia, be sure to call the number provided above.

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