How to get food stamps in Tennessee.

How to get Food Stamps in Tennessee 

The State of Tennessee offers an outstanding government benefit for people that have low income levels or are disabled to aid them to afford food. With the price of food seeming to constantly be increasing, many individuals are turning to the food stamp program that is offered in Tennessee to help them save money. It is an uncomplicated process to apply for food stamps and to use them as well. Simply follow these steps below, and you'll learn how to get food stamps in Tennessee. It is estimated that 1 in 5 people are on food stamps and government assistance in Tennessee.

1. To start the application process, you will need Tennessee food stamp application form. This form can be acquired from any Department of Human Services location. All you need to do is to find a DHS office near you, and the case workers will provide you with a food stamp application form. The DHS has also recently allowed you access to the form online that you may print at home. If you need help finding a food stamp office in your locality, you can do so at the following web site.

2. Answer the Tennessee food stamp application completely and as accurately as you possibly can. The amount of food stamp benefits that you will receive will be based on things like your income level and the amount of people dwelling in your home. It is very important this information is accurate so that you will get the correct and legal amount of the food stamp benefit. When you are finished with the application form, you will want to bring it to a local food stamp field office. There are often lines at the DHS field offices, but often the case workers are extremely helpful and delighted to assist you. Again, if you need help finding an office near you, you can do so at the following web site.

You may also call the Tennessee DHS offices at the following phone number.


3. Your food stamp application will be quickly reviewed and analyzed for errors and to see if you will need any emergency benefits. If you qualify for emergency benefits, you will immediately be given food stamps on the spot that you can use that day. If you do not qualify for emergency food stamps, then you will be given an interview time where you will need to come in and discuss your situation to a case worker. Be sure that you bring any documentation that the case worker may need. Ask a food stamp case worker any questions that you may have at this time. Once everything is approved, you will receive your food stamps that are reloaded once a month.

The food stamps will be accepted at almost every grocery store or establishment that sells any food products. Food stamps cannot be used for the purchase of alcoholic beverages or tobacco products. If you require any further assistance or need any more information on how to get food stamps in Tennessee, please contact the DHS for help.

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