How to get SNAP in South Dakota.

How to Get SNAP in South Dakota 

To get on the SNAP program in South Dakota, an individual will need to fall into the income levels considered low. Also people who are legally disabled may also qualify for the food stamp or SNAP benefit program in South Dakota. It is a very simple process to apply for food stamps and I will give you the general steps that you need to follow. When the process is complete you will be able to get a SNAP benefit card that is processed by almost any food store that accepts EBT payments. It will work very similar to a debit card.

1. Every person who wishes to get SNAP benefits in South Dakota will need to first apply for the food stamp benefits. You will need to first get a South Dakota SNAP application form. You can get this form at almost any DSS office, or you may also download the application and print it from the link below.

2. You will need to fully complete and be completely accurate on the application. Keep in mind that you need to put accurate income information and be accurate on the amount of people in your home. The amounts of SNAP benefits are often calculated from these two factors so you want to be sure to get the legal amount that you are entitled to. After the completion of the application, bring it to any food stamp DSS office. You can find a DSS office at the following web site.

You may also find a food stamp office by calling the following phone number.


3. When you bring the SNAP application to a South Dakota food stamp office, it will be immediately reviewed to see if you qualify for any type of emergency food stamps. Often this is for people who do not have food at home and barely any money in the bank. Emergency food stamps help people save money immediately on food purchases. If you do not qualify for emergency SNAP benefits, then you will have an interview time scheduled. After the interview and approval, you will receive your card in the mail with the money on it. Most often the benefits are reset on a monthly basis.

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