How to get SNAP in South Carolina.

How to Get SNAP in South Carolina 

SNAP benefits is a program that is funded by the United States government to help give assistance to people who have low incomes or disabilities to afford food. The modern day SNAP benefit program works much like a debit card and is far easier and less embarrassing to use than the old fashioned food stamps. Using the following steps will teach you how to get SNAP in South Carolina.

1. To start the process of getting SNAP benefits in South Carolina you will need to get a SNAP application form. You can get this form at any DSS office that should be located somewhere in your vicinity, or you may also download and print the application form. If you have access to a printer you may print the form right now by visiting the following web site.

2. Complete the South Carolina SNAP application form as accurately as you possibly can. It is vitally important that you are accurate on the parts detailing your income level and the amount of people that live in your home. The DSS office will use this information to determine your legal level of the SNAP benefits that you are entitled to. When you have completed the application, you will want to review the application to ensure the accuracy. Once you are satisfied and sure that the application is accurate, bring the completed SNAP application to a DSS office near you. If you need help finding a DSS office, you can at the following web site.

You may also call a South Carolina DSS office at the following phone number.


3. Often there is a wait at most DSS offices and unfortunately one must wait through it in order to hand in their SNAP application. When you turn in the application, it will be quickly reviewed to see if you need any emergency SNAP benefits. If you do, you will be provided with emergency benefits immediately. If not, you will have an interview time scheduled where you will have to bring information such as your proof of income and residency. When the interview process is complete and you are approved, you will get a SNAP benefit card. Be sure that you try to use this card as soon as possible to test if it is working. If you run into any problems applying for SNAP or need any more information on how to get SNAP in South Carolina, contact a South Carolina DSS office immediately.

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