How to get SNAP benefits in Rhode Island.

How to Get Food Stamps In Rhode Island 

The tiny State of Rhode Island has a food stamp program called SNAP. SNAP stands for "supplemental nutrition assistance program". This program is specifically designed to help keep individuals who have a low income or disability healthy by assisting with the expensive price of food. This greatly helps these individuals by letting them save money on their food costs.

If you would like more information on getting SNAP benefits in Rhode Island so that you or somebody you know will get an EBT card in the mail, please use the following steps as a guide.

1. To start the SNAP application process in Rhode Island, you will need to be able to fill out a SNAP application form. You can find a SNAP application at any government DHS office or you may download one at the following web site.

If you need any assistance filling out the Rhode Island SNAP application, you can call the following phone number.


2. Bring the completed SNAP application to a DHS office near you for review. Make sure that the information concerning your income level and the amount of people in your home is accurate and up to date. By being accurate on the SNAP application, you will speed up the processing time and eliminate any complications that can arise. Also, it will guarantee you that you receive the legal amount of SNAP benefits that you are entitled to. If you need to find the address to a local Rhode Island DHS office, you can do so at the following web address.

Of course, you can also call the DHS office at the following number.


3. After the review the acceptance of our SNAP application, you may have a small waiting period before your Rhode Island EBT card arrives in the mail. This card will work very similar to a standard debit card. If you have any trouble using your SNAP benefits card, please contact your DHS office as soon as possible.

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