How to get SNAP benefits in Pennsylvania.

How to Get on SNAP in Pennsylvania 

Pennsylvania has a supplemental food government benefit program for people that have a lower income or those with a disability called SNAP. This program was at one time referred to as "food stamps", but today it's much more modernized and controlled much like a debit card. When a person who is on the SNAP program uses the card, they will be able to save money on their food purchases which will help them in other places in their lives. Many people on food stamps will shop very frugally to get the most out of the SNAP program.

In order to qualify for food stamps, you must be disabled or have a low income. You also must apply for food stamps at the appropriate state locations.

If you would like to know how to get on the Pennsylvania SNAP program, please completely read the following steps.

1. You will first need to get a Pennsylvania SNAP application form. This form is what you will fill out and turn into a local DHS SNAP office and it will help the case worker to get you on to the SNAP program more quickly. You can get application either at a DHS office, or since you are obviously on a computer already, you can download and print the application right now from the following web site.

2. Use a pen to fill out the application with extreme accuracy so that you will be sure that you get the most food stamp benefits that are legally allowed for you and your family. Include all details about utility bills, amount of people in your home, and the household income levels. When you have finished the Pennsylvania SNAP application, you will need to bring it to a DHS office near you. If you need the address for a nearby DHS office, it is listed on the link below.

You may also call the DHS office at the following phone number.


3. Immediately after you turn in the Pennsylvania SNAP application to a DHS office, a case worker will quickly review your information. They do this to see if you need immediate help with emergency food stamp benefits. If you qualify for emergency benefits, they will issue you a temporary SNAP card that you can use that day. Either way you will have an interview time scheduled. Once you are approved, you will receive a Pennsylvania SNAP card and you can begin using the government benefits immediately.

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