How to get SNAP in Oregon.

How to Get SNAP in Oregon 

In the State of Oregon, there is a governmental benefit program that was created to assist individuals who have a low income or disability to save money on their food purchases. This program is known as the SNAP program. SNAP stands for supplemental nutrition assistance program, and it replaces what was formerly known as food stamps. SNAP helps the people of Oregon to avoid issues such as hunger and starvation by granting more financial independence when the burden of food expenditures is eliminated.

If you would like to learn how to get SNAP in Oregon the following steps will assist you. Please bear in mind that there are many variables to these steps, but they are incredibly beneficial as a general guideline to acquire this welfare benefit.

1. To initiate the process of the acquisition of SNAP benefits in Oregon you must acquire a SNAP application form. You can obtain a copy of the application merely by visiting a local Oregon DHS office in your locality. The simplest way to get the SNAP application is by downloading and printing the application at your home or by free internet access at a public library. If you would be inclined to do this, you can download the application at the following web site.

After you have printed the application continue to the following steps for more assistance.

2. Completely and accurately fill out the application. You must include accurate information concerning the amount of people living in your dwelling along with their ages and your income level. When a case worker reviews the application at the DHS office, this information will help them determine the amount of food stamp benefits that you will be awarded. When the application is filled out, you'll want to bring it to an Oregon DHS office. You can find the address to an office near you at the following web site.

You may also call the DHS offices at the following phone number. 800-723-3638

3. Your application will be rapidly evaluated by a DHS case worker when you turn it in. They will determine if you need emergency SNAP benefits. The emergency benefits are given to people who have little or no food at home and also a significantly depleted bank account balance. Emergency SNAP benefits are given out immediately if you need them. If you do not qualify for the emergency SNAP benefits, you will be given an appointment time for an interview. During the interview your financial situation will be examined by the case worker. Remember all important documentation such as your proof of your bank account balance, utility bills, and amount of people in your home.

Once you are approved for the SNAP benefits, you will receive your Oregon SNAP card which you can immediately use for the purchase of food. The SNAP card will work similarly to a common debit card with a pin number, however you will choose the EBT or "electronic benefits transfer" on the card reading device at the grocery store.

This program has helped many families and individuals save money on their food purchases. If you require any additional assistance to learn how to get SNAP in Oregon, please contact any Oregon DHS office.

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