How to get SNAP benefits in Ohio.

How to Get SNAP Benefits in Ohio 

A supplemental government food stamp benefit program exists for the residents of Ohio to help individuals who are disabled, have a low income, or are in temporary need to afford healthy food. This program is known as the SNAP benefit program. Individuals wishing to qualify for SNAP benefits and wanting to save money on food will need to follow these steps in order to get on the government benefit program.

1. Any resident in Ohio who wishes to apply for SNAP benefits will need to acquire a SNAP application form. This can be done simply by going to a nearby DHS office. Remember that any applicant will have to have a face to face interview with a DHS worker and bring several documents such as proof of residency, income proof, etc.

2. Return the Ohio SNAP application form to your local DHS office. Be sure that you are extremely accurate on the Ohio food stamp benefit application so that the legal benefits may be provided. You can find your nearest DHS office by calling the following phone number.

(202) 720-5964

3. When you turn in your Ohio SNAP application, it will be briefly looked over quickly by an agent to see if you need any emergency SNAP benefits. Usually you'll have to be desperate for food and have nearly an empty bank account in order to qualify for these. If you need any emergency SNAP benefits, a temporary SNAP card will be issued immediately to you. In any case, you will have a face to face interview scheduled with the DHS office in the near future. Once approved, you will get your SNAP card in the mail and you can begin using the government benefits at any local store that sells food.

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