How to get SNAP benefits in North Dakota.

How to Get SNAP Benefits in North Dakota 

The North Dakota SNAP program is a high tech version of the food stamp program. Rather than being issued food coupons as traditional food stamps have been, North Dakota issues a SNAP card that works very similar to a debit card. This government assistance program of North Dakota exists to help people that have low income or a physical or mental disability to afford to purchase food and help them save money. This food stamp benefit program was also designed to help curb issues like malnutrition or starvation in North Dakota.

1. You will first need a North Dakota SNAP application to begin the process to getting the food stamp benefits. You can acquire an application two ways. The first way that you can do it is you can visit a local DHS field office and pick up a paper SNAP application. The second way that you can get an application is to simply download and print one. You can download and print from the following web address.

2. Now that you have your application for the North Dakota SNAP program, you will want to fill it out completely and accurately as you possibly can. You want to be sure that you get the maximum amount of the government benefit that is legally allowed. The only way to do this is to accurately state the income levels of your home and how many people live at your residence. Be sure to always be truthful and accurate. When the application is complete, you can bring it to a local DHS food stamp field office. You can find an address to a local office by visiting the following web site.

You may also call the SNAP office at the following phone number. (800) 472-2622

3. When you bring the SNAP application to the DHS office, it will be reviewed quickly by the agent to check to see if you need emergency food stamp benefits. If your bank account has very little funds, you will most likely qualify for the emergency benefits and be given a temporary SNAP card that you can immediately purchase food with. If you do not qualify for the emergency benefits, but still qualify for the normal SNAP benefits, you will be scheduled and interview time where you will briefly sit down with an agent. Be sure that you bring any paperwork that they may need. When you are done with the interview and are approved, you will get a North Dakota SNAP benefit card in the mail that you can immediately use.

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