How to get SNAP in New Mexico.

How to get SNAP in New Mexico 

The New Mexico SNAP food stamp program is available to any resident of New Mexico that has a low income or a disability which is determined to give complications for an individual to afford food. It will be determined by a case officer if the need of government assistance is warranted on a case by case basis. This program is designed specifically to be an indomitable method and give assurance that all the people of New Mexico have the resources that they need to purchase healthy and nutritious food. There are some steps that must be accomplished to incept the New Mexico SNAP application process.

1. An applicant will need full completion of a New Mexico SNAP application form. Any HSD office will be able to translate or assist you in answering the detailed questions. You can download and print this form from the following web address. df/AppForAssistanceRev013004.pdf

2. When completing the New Mexico SNAP application, be sure that you are extremely accurate in the information that you provide. Accuracy will guarantee that you receive the legal amount of SNAP benefits that you are entitled to in New Mexico. After you have completed the SNAP application, you will have to produce it to a case worker in a New Mexico SNAP field office. You can discover the address to a SNAP office in close proximity to you by visiting the following web site address.

You may also call the New Mexico SNAP benefits office at the following telephone number. 888-473-3676

3. When you return the completed SNAP application, it will be briefly checked for accurateness to see if you qualify for emergency SNAP benefits. The emergency SNAP benefits will be immediately distributed to those who qualify for them. Individuals who do not qualify for the emergency New Mexico SNAP benefits will have an interview time scheduled by a case worker.

On the day of the interview make a note to bring all necessary documentation and papers which the case worker will need. This will help to expedite a decision to approve your application. The case worker may repeat some of the questions that were asked on the New Mexico SNAP application form to ensure that you have accurately provided the information. They will also aid you if you did not understand any of the questions.

Upon approval for the New Mexico SNAP program, you will receive a SNAP card in the mail. Make sure to test out this card as soon as you possibly can to make sure that it is working properly. The SNAP card will work in similar function to a common debit or EBT card. This can usually be achieved by making a small purchase at a local grocery store which accepts the benefits. If you need any more information or help on how to get SNAP in New Mexico, be sure to contact the HSD main office at the phone number provided above.

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