How to get SNAP benefits in Nevada.

How to Get SNAP / Food Stamps in Nevada 

There is a great government benefit program for the low income and disabled people in Nevada called SNAP. This is a food stamp program that helps these individuals afford good food and save money on the price of food. The SNAP food stamp government benefits in Nevada are simple to receive and are explained below.

1. You will first need to get a Nevada SNAP application. You can get one simply by visiting the website below and printing it. This food stamp application should be easy to fill out, but if you need help contact a Nevada DHS office.

2. Once you have completely and accurately filled out the Nevada SNAP application, bring it to a Nevada DHS office.

The following web address has the location of a Nevada DHS office near you.

Or call them at: (775) 684-0500

3. After you turn in the Nevada SNAP application, it will be reviewed quickly to see if you need emergency food stamp benefits. If you do not qualify for emergency food stamps, you will either be given an interview on the spot or be scheduled an interview. Be sure that you bring in any paperwork that the DHS representative will need from you. After your SNAP benefits are approved, you will be issued a SNAP card. Be sure that you test it out quickly and report any trouble to the Nevada DHS office.

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