How to get SNAP food stamps in Missouri.

How to Get SNAP Food Stamps In Missouri 

The Missouri SNAP food stamp benefit program helps people that have disabilities or low income to be able to provide healthy nutritious food for their families and/or for themselves. It helps these individuals save money since they will either receive food for free or at a miniscule cost.

If you are interested in applying for the Missouri SNAP food stamp benefit program, make sure that you are either of low income, or have a legal disability.

1. Start your Missouri SNAP food stamp application first by visiting the Missouri DSS web site. Here you may download and print the SNAP food stamp application. This is the form that the DSS office will review.

2. Once you have filled out the Missouri SNAP food stamp application completely accurately, bring it to a Missouri DSS food stamp (SNAP) DSS office. You can find your nearest DSS office by visiting to the following web address:

You may also call them at: 1-800-392-1261

Remember that accuracy is very important on the application because it will ensure that you get the maximum SNAP benefits.

3. When you hand in your application, it will be quickly reviewed so that the DSS office can determine if you need emergency SNAP benefits. If you do need them, you will immediately be given an emergency SNAP card. Otherwise, you will most likely have an interview scheduled where you will need to provide proof of income or disability. Once everything is approved and the interview process is complete, you will get a Missouri SNAP benefit card. Be sure to test the card as soon as possible to ensure that it is working correctly. Please report any problems with the SNAP food stamp card to any DSS office.

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