How to get food stamps in Michigan.

How to Get Food Stamps in Michigan 

Michigan Department of Human Services has a food stamp program that provides government assistance to people with low incomes or people with disabilities who lack the ability or resources to financially acquire food. The food stamp program gives financial support to individuals to assist them in affording healthy nutritious food. Through time, this assistance will help these individuals to have more money and if used properly will assist in their nutritional health.

The qualifications for food stamps in Michigan are that you must be disabled or of low income. The DHS office will be able to provide you with more information regarding the exact qualifications of disabilities. Often the disability must be hinder financial resources in order to qualify for the Michigan food stamp program. Please use the following step to learn how to apply for the Michigan food stamp program.

1. The Michigan food stamp application process begins with acquiring a food stamp application form at a Michigan DHS (FAP) office. Currently there is no application available for an individual to download and print. This may be of benefit to those who have difficulty reading and/or translating the Michigan food stamp application. If you need any assistance while filling out the application, please ask any DHS employee.

2. Fill out the Michigan food stamp application accurately and return it to a Michigan DHS (FAP) office. The DHS case workers will check the accuracy and for errors on the application. In some cases they will notice that an individual may qualify for Michigan's emergency food stamp program in which case the person will be issued food stamps immediately. If you do not qualify for the emergency food stamps, you will either be given an interview right on the spot, or you will have an interview scheduled.

If you need assistance in locating a DHS office near you, you can find out by visiting the following link. Also many other county offices may be able to assist you in finding a location that will suit your needs.,1607,7-124-5461---,00.html

3. When your Michigan food stamp application is processed and approved, you will get a food stamp benefit card in the mail. This card works similarly to a standard debit card, and works in conjunction with the same machines that people use to process their debit and credit cards. This card however, will be call an EBT card, and you will need to select the appropriate menu option while checking out. Once you get the card, you will want to immediately purchase something with your food stamps that you would normally buy in order to make sure that they are working properly. If there is any problem with them at all, or if you have any further questions about how to get food stamps in Michigan, be sure to contact an employee working for the Department of Human Services office (DHS) - which is also known as FAP in Michigan.

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