How to get food stamps (SNAP) in Massachusetts.

How to Get Food Stamps (SNAP) In Massachusetts 

Massachusetts has a program designed for people with disabilities and others who have low income afford food. This program is called the food stamp program or SNAP. Massachusetts has this program to prevent issues that face many parts of this world concerning the lack of food, malnutrition, and starvation. You must be of low income or have a disability to qualify for the SNAP program (food stamps) in Massachusetts.

1. You can get a Massachusetts SNAP application by visiting the Massachusetts DTA web site and downloading the application. You can find the food stamp application at this link:

2. Fill out the SNAP application accurately so that you will get the most SNAP benefits possible. Then bring the SNAP application t to a local Massachusetts DTA office for them to review. It's simple to find a DTA office. You can do so by visiting the following link.

Or call them at: 1-800-249-2007

3. When you turn in your application for SNAP food stamp benefits in Massachusetts, you will either be given emergency food stamp SNAP benefits, or you will be scheduled for an interview at a later date. In either case, when you finally get your food stamp SNAP card, be sure to use it as soon as possible because you want to make sure that it is functioning correctly. If there are any problems, contact your DTA office.

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