How to get food stamps (SAIL) in Maryland.

How to Get Food Stamps In Maryland 

SAIL is the Maryland food stamp program that has a purpose of helping people with low income or disabilities to afford healthy and nutritious food. The SAIL program will help these individuals save money on the expensive prices of food.

To get on the SAIL food stamp program in Maryland, you will have to prove your low income or disability.

1. Get a food stamp or SAIL application by visiting the Maryland SAIL web site and downloading the SAIL food stamp application form at:

2. Upon completion of the food stamp application, you will need to take the (SAIL) application form to your local SAIL office. You can find your nearest SAIL office by going to the following web address:

Or call them at: 1-800-332-6347

Remember that accuracy counts on your SAIL application. Be sure it is very accurate so that you will get the most food stamp benefits available to you.

3. When you turn in your Maryland SAIL application, the case worker will check and make sure that you do not need emergency SAIL food stamp benefits. If you qualify for these, you will be given SAIL benefits immediately. If you do not, you will either be given an immediate interview or be scheduled an interview time to get your SAIL benefits. When you are approved for SAIL benefits, you will receive your SAIL benefit card. The Maryland SAIL card will work like a debit card (but for food stamps). Be sure to test out the SAIL card as quickly as possible to ensure that it is working properly.

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