How to get SNAP in Maine.

How to get SNAP in Maine 

The State of Maine provides SNAP benefits (formerly known as food stamps) for individuals that are disabled, have low income, or are in temporary need of monetary assistance to purchase food. The SNAP food stamp program in Maine was originally incepted to help prevent inhumane issues such as malnutrition and starvation. This helps ensure that all the residents of Maine will have some type of nutritional sustenance despite income levels. It also helps people of low income to save money on the cost of food so that they will have finances for other aspects of their lives.

To get SNAP food stamps in Maine, you will need to be able to qualify for the benefits by meeting the eligibility requirements. You must be disabled, or be of low income or no income, or be able to prove that you need supplemental nutrition assistance.

1. You can get a Maine SNAP food stamp application either at a DHS office location or by visiting the Maine DHS web site and downloading and printing the application. The application should be readily available at any county office. The Maine SNAP application is available for anybody to print at the following web site.

2. Find the location for a Maine DHS web site by visiting the following web address.

You can also call them and get directions to a local SNAP food stamp office. You can find their number at the web link above. Normally there is some type of office located in every county in Maine. This enables people who need assistance to have an office nearby.

Fill out your Maine SNAP food stamp application. You will want to be extremely accurate on your information so that you will be sure to get the fair amount of SNAP benefits and to expedite the processing time. Then simply bring the SNAP application to the DHS office that you now have the address for.

3. When you return the SNAP food stamp application to a Maine DHS office, your application will be briefly reviewed to see if you qualify for emergency SNAP benefits. If you do, you will be given an emergency SNAP benefit card immediately that will work temporarily until you get the normal EBT card. If not, you will most likely have an interview scheduled and you will have to come in for an interview in person. When you are finally approved for the SNAP food stamp benefits, you will be issued a SNAP benefit card.

This EBT card works exactly like a standard debit card except for a menu option of "EBT" that you will select on the checkout card reader. Be sure you use this card as quickly as you can to ensure that it is working properly. If there are any problems, or if you need further assistance or information on how to get SNAP in Maine, be sure to contact a local Maine DHS office.

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