How to get SNAP in Louisiana

How to get SNAP in Louisiana 

The SNAP / food stamp program for the residents of Louisiana provides assistance to low income and disabled individuals that have difficulty affording healthy & nutritious food. The SNAP program helps curb issues such as starvation for the people of Louisiana. The qualifications of the Louisiana SNAP food stamp program are that you'll have to be considered to have low income or have some type of disability. The Louisiana SNAP application process is relatively simple to complete, but will require a person to prove their income levels or the amount of disability that they have that hinders them from being able to afford food.

1. The Louisiana SNAP application is the best way to start to process to get food stamps. You can acquire the necessary SNAP application by either going to a Louisiana DSS office, or simply downloading and printing the application from the following web site:

2. After you accurately complete the Louisiana SNAP application, you'll want to check it for any mistakes or inaccuracies. Remember that a fully completed and accurate SNAP application will speed the processing time by the DSS agents. When you are satisfied with your answers, you'll want to bring the completed application to a local food stamp (SNAP) DSS office. You can find your nearest DSS office by going to the following web address.

Or you may call any Louisiana DSS office at this provided phone number. 1-888-524-3578

3. When you have the Louisiana SNAP application processed at the DSS office, it will be reviewed expediently by a DSS agent to see if you qualify for emergency SNAP benefits. If you indeed do qualify for the emergency SNAP benefits, you will be given an interview immediately. If you fail to qualify for the emergency SNAP benefits, you will be either given an immediate interview or they will schedule you a time at a future date for an interview. You'll need proof of income (such as a pay stub) or a letter from a doctor citing your disability.

Once your Louisiana SNAP food stamp application is approved, you will receive your SNAP benefit card either in person or by mail. It will work very similar to a debit card (but for food stamps). Make an immediate purchase with the SNAP benefit card to verify that it is working properly. If you encounter any trouble, or need any further information on how to get SNAP in Louisiana, contact your DSS office immediately.

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