How to get food stamps in Kentucky.

How to Get Food Stamps in Kentucky 

The Kentucky EBT food stamp benefit program is designed to help individuals and/or families with low income or a disability with assistance to be able to afford the purchases healthy nutritious foods. In Kentucky, the qualifications for the EBT food stamp program are that you must have low income or a provable disability which hinders and individual financially. The food stamp program of Kentucky is subsidized through funding by the federal government.
In this brief article, you will learn how to get on Kentucky's EBT food stamp benefit program.

1. When and individual is trying to obtain acquisition of food stamp benefits in Kentucky, it is vital to obtain a Kentucky food stamp application. This application is not an online form that you can fill out, but for convenience, you can download and print out the physical application at home. You can find the application at the Kentucky CHSF web site and download it from the following link.

2. Fully complete the Kentucky food stamp application with absolute accuracy. Then, return the food stamp (EBT) application form to your local CHFS office. Most CHFS offices are located in dedicated places in every county. You can find your nearest CHFS office by going to the following web address.

You may also call any Kentucky CHFS office for directions or assistance when completing the Kentucky food stamp application at the following phone number.


3. Once your application is accepted, the accuracy will help expedite the processing time. The representative may call you for documentation to help prove your case or financial status to be enrolled in the Kentucky food stamp program. Upon approval, you will be mailed an EBT food stamp card. This card will function in a similar fashion to a standard debit card at checkout except that you will select the EBT (electronic benefits transfer) option.

If you have the unfortunate experience of any technical difficulties with your Kentucky EBT card, need further assistance, or more information on how to get food stamps in Kentucky, please call the CHFS office with the phone number provided above. A representative will be happy to assist you.

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