How to get SNAP in Illinois.

How to Get SNAP In Illinois 

Illinois has a food stamp program called "SNAP", to help people who can not afford food. Often this is from having a disability or having an income that is low for the State of Illinois. You must be of low income or legally disabled to be approved for the Illinois SNAP benefit program. You will have to apply and be interviewed at a local food stamp office.

I will teach you how to get food stamps in Illinois. The food stamp program in Illinois is called the SNAP benefit program.

1. To start the Illinois SNAP application, you will either have to pick up an application at a food stamp office, or you can download & print an application online. Be sure that you fill out this application very accurately so that you will get the most SNAP benefits. You can download the Illinois SNAP application at the following web site.

2. Bring the SNAP application to your local DHS (Department of human services) office. You can find your nearest DHS office by Calling: 1 800 843-6154

Or you can visit this link to find the nearest SNAP office location.

3. After you return your food stamp or SNAP application, it will be determined if you qualify for emergency food stamp benefits. If you do, you will be issued food stamps immediately. If not, you will have an interview scheduled. After the interview is completed, you will get your Illinois SNAP card. Be sure to make an immediate small purchase of something you would normally buy in order to determine that the SNAP card is working properly. If by chance it is not, contact the DHS office immediately so that they can remedy the problem for you.

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