How to Get Food Stamps In Idaho 

The Idaho food stamp program helps people who are of low income or disabled to be able to buy food that they may be in danger of not being able to afford. Food stamps are a government benefit to help prevent hunger and starvation in the state of Idaho. To meet the food stamp qualifications in Idaho, you will have a disabled person or a person that has low income. You also must apply for food stamps at a local state location.

The first thing you will need is an Idaho food stamp application form. Start the food stamp application process by visiting the Idaho web site and printing the food stamp application form at:

Either mail or bring your food stamp application form to a local Idaho DHS or food stamp office. The application will be accepted the day it is turned in and quickly looked over to see if you need emergency food stamps. If not, you will most likely be given a date to come in for an interview. Be sure that you are very accurate on the food stamp application so that you will get the maximum food stamp benefits, and will make the interview go quickly.

Here is a web site that will help you find a local Idaho food stamp office. tabid/127/Default.aspx

When the application gets approval, and the interview is completed, you will either be immediately given food stamps or they will be mailed to you. Be sure to make a small purchase immediately of something you would normally buy. This is to verify that the Idaho food stamps are working correctly as they should be. If you run into any problems at all, be sure to contact an Idaho DHS or food stamp office. If you can get a business card of the DHS agent that you had an interview with, keep their number on hand if you have any problem using your food stamps or any technical difficulties using them.

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