How to get SNAP in Hawaii.

How to Get Food Stamps In Hawaii 

Hawaii has a fantastic food stamp program that is called SNAP. This government benefit program is to help low income as well as disabled people to afford food that they otherwise may have not been able to buy.

Qualifications for food stamps differs from state to state, however they are generally the same. If you have low income or are disabled, more than likely you will qualify. If you think that you qualify for food stamps in Hawaii, you will need to fill out a Hawaii SNAP application.

1. You will first have to acquire a SNAP application by either going to a local Hawaii food stamp or DHS office, or by downloading and printing the application. You can download a printable SNAP application by going to the following web site.

2. Bring the food stamp or SNAP application to a local DHS or food stamp office. It is easy to find a local SNAP or food stamp office simply by calling them on the phone.


Remember that accuracy counts on a SNAP application because you want to make sure that you get the maximum food stamp benefits available to you.

3. After you bring your food stamp application to a local SNAP or DHS office, you will be able to immediately set up an interview and they will see if you qualify for emergency food stamps. Sometimes the interview is scheduled a couple of days out. After everything is approved, you will get your SNAP benefit card. Be sure that you test the card as soon as possible and contact the food stamp office if there is any difficulty or issue with the SNAP card.

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