How to get Food Stamps in Georgia.

How to Get Food Stamps In Georgia 

Food stamps are a government benefit in Georgia that provides healthy food to low income or disabled individuals to help them save money on the costs of food. This prevents issues like hunger and starvation in the great state of Georgia.

If you think you qualify for Georgia food stamp benefits, you already know that you must be disabled or be of low income to get the benefits. The next step is to fill out a food stamp application which you can print online, or you can get one at a local Georgia food stamp (DHS) office.

Start the food stamp application by visiting the Georgia web site and downloading and printing the food stamp application form at:

After you have accurately completed the food stamp application make sure that you review it. Be sure to include all the names and ages of everybody in your home. This will ensure that you get the maximum food stamp benefits.

When you are done with the review, bring your food stamp application in at your local Georgia food stamp office. Your application will be accepted the day it is turned in and quickly looked over to see if you need emergency food stamps. Sometimes interviews are given the day you and it in, sometimes they are not (depending on how busy they are).

You can find your local office by calling: 1-800-869-1150

After the food stamp application is approved, and the interview complete, you will receive your food stamps or food stamp benefit card. Now, make a small purchase with the food stamps or food stamp card to be sure that it is properly working.. If there is any problem at all, be sure to call your local Georgia food stamp office so that they may quickly correct the problem.

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