How to get food stamps in Delaware.

How to Get Food Stamps In Delaware 

The Delaware food stamp program are a government benefit provided to the people of Delaware that are either disabled, have low income, or both. Usually these people are in an unfortunate circumstance for whatever reason and need help buying food to save them money, or help them to not spend any money at all. Food stamp benefits help prevent issues in America such as starvation or malnutrition.

To meet qualifications for food stamps, you must be of low income or disabled and be able to prove it with appropriate paper work such as a letter from a medical Doctor, or a pay stub. You must also be able to apply for Delaware food stamps accurately in person, by mail, or by phone..

1. To start the food stamp application process in Delaware, you will need to acquire a food stamp application from either a Delaware food stamp office, or by downloading and printing it off the Delaware food stamp web site. You can get this application at the following URL: files/dssapplicationenglish.pdf

2. Once you complete the Delaware food stamp application accurately, you can return the application to a local food stamp office or DHS office. The application will be accepted immediately, however sometimes they will schedule an interview several days out unless emergency food stamps are needed., even if there is no interview that day, remember to be as accurate as possible on the application to ensure that you get the maximum food stamp benefits available to you. You can find a food stamp or DHS office near you by visiting the following web site.

3. After you have returned your food stamp application and it is approved, you will have an interview scheduled with a DHS representative. After the interview, you will either be given food stamps immediately (sometimes emergency food stamps), or they will be sent to you in the mail. Be sure that you make an immediate small purchase using your food stamps or food stamp card to ensure that they are working properly. If you have any issues when using the food stamps, contact your DHS representative immediately so they can help you resolve any issues.

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