How to get SNAP benefits in Connecticut.

How to Get SNAP or Food Stamps In Connecticut 

Connecticut food stamps are called SNAP. SNAP is provided as a government benefit to disabled and/or low income individuals or families. Food stamps provides help to these people by helping them afford food that they normally would not be able to purchase, and in some cases keeps people from starving. SNAP also help the people of Connecticut financially save money on the cost of food.

In order to be able to receive SNAP benefits in Connecticut, you must be disabled or have a low income and be able to prove this to a local food stamp / DHS office. You must also be able to apply for SNAP benefits at a local Connecticut office in person, or sometimes you can by telephone.

I will teach you how to get SNAP benefits in Connecticut.


1. You will want to start the SNAP application process by going to the Connecticut DHS (Department of Human Services) web site and downloading the food stamp or SNAP application form at:

2. In a timely manner, return the SNAP (food stamp) application form to your local SNAP or food stamp DHS office. You can find the nearest SNAP or food stamp office to your location by going to the following web address: sure to be as accurate as possible on your food stamp application.

3. When your SNAP application is approved, you will receive your SNAP benefit card either by mail or in person. Your SNAP benefit card will work like a debit card and will be able to purchase food items only. Sometimes emergency food stamps will be provided during a brief interview. Be sure to make sure the SNAP card is working by purchasing a small quantity of food with it. If there is any problem at all using the food stamp card, contact your local Connecticut DHS office immediately so they can resolve the issue.

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