How to get Food Stamps or Snap Benefits in Arkansas.

How to Get Food Stamps In Arkansas 

The SNAP program, also known as Food stamps are a government benefits given to disabled and low income people that helps them buy nutritious healthy food for little or no cost.

To qualify for SNAP or food stamps, you must be disabled or have a low income and meet the Arkansas state guidelines for qualification. You also must apply for food stamps at the appropriate state locations in Arkansas.

I will teach you how to get SNAP (food stamps) in Arkansas.Begin the food stamp or SNAP application process by visiting the Arkansas DHS web site and downloading the food stamp application form at:

Be sure to fill this application out as accurately as possible including your income level, amount of people in your home, and if you wish to have emergency SNAP benefits.Return the filled out food stamp (SNAP) application form to your local SNAP/DHS office. You can find your nearest DHS office by going to the following web address:

Or call them at: 1-501-682-8650

Remember, accuracy counts on the application. Be as accurate as possible to speed up the processing of your application.

When your application is processed and approved, you will receive your SNAP benefit card either in person or by mail. It will work like a debit card (but for food stamps). Be sure to make sure it is working by purchasing a small quantity of food with it. If you run into any problems using the card, contact your SNAP benefit representative immediately or your local DHS office.

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