How to get on disability.

How to Get on Disability

People get on government disability both SSI and SSDI for many different types of disabilities including: loss of a limb or any physical disability, being blind, being crippled, mental retardation, broken limbs, migraines, mental illness and for many other ailments, illnesses, and other diseases. Often in order to get any type of disability, it must be determined that an individual is incapable of any gainful employment due to any health impairment.

The federal government SSDI program is a benefit provided from the United States government paid for the Social Security Administration which comes out of the funds that workers have paid into while working. The SSI program is a form of disability where an individual does not have a working history, but qualifies for some compensation due to their disability. An example of this would be for somebody who was born crippled and has never had gainful employment.

I will teach you how you can find out if you are eligible for the disability benefit and where you can go to find out more information to get on disability. My links will provide you with phone numbers for disability offices near you. If you are disabled, I hope this will help you.

1. You will have to find out if you qualify for the disability program from the federal government. You can do this by answering the questions on the federal government benefit web site at This set of questions will ask you about your disability and will ask if you are disabled. Please understand that once you apply for the disability benefits, that your answers can harm you later. It is suggested to go into the program with an approving medical doctor in the specialty of your ailments. For example, a family doctor would not be an expert on arthritis, but a Rheumatologist would. You may also want to consider having an SSDI lawyer work with you to try to get disability benefits.

2. Answer the questions on the government benefit site, and fill out the part specifically that says you are interested in getting disability benefits. There are numerous amounts of disabilities that you can qualify for, so be sure to be as detailed as possible. Do not leave out any circumstances of your condition, and answer everything the best that you can. If you have forms from a doctor saying you are disabled, this will help you.

3. Once it looks like you may qualify, the web site will send you information on where you can call to setup an interview. Often you will be required to bring in information from a licensed physician or medical doctor in order to get on the disability benefits and make you legally disabled. It can be an extremely long and excruciating process to get on full disability.

4. Have the interview and bring all the necessary information with you including the paperwork from a physician stating that you are disabled. Be sure that every document, X-ray, and treatment that you have received will be available for whoever needs this information from you. Once you are approved, you will begin to receive disability payments most often on a monthly basis.

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