How to Get on Unemployment in New Hampshire 


In order to get on New Hampshire unemployment, you must first make sure that you are eligible for the unemployment benefit. After you verify that you can get the New Hampshire unemployment benefit, you will need to fill out an unemployment application. The following steps will teach you to get New Hampshire unemployment benefits.

What You will need:
* An internet connection
* Ability to go to a county office

1. In order to get New Hampshire unemployment, you have to complete a unemployment application. Be sure that you fill out the unemployment application as accurately as possible. You can fill out an unemployment benefit application at:

2. If you choose to fill out a regular unemployment application by hand, you must mail it to the unemployment office in order to get your unemployment benefit. You can find the address for your unemployment office at:

Or Call: 800-266-2252

3. Once you are approved for unemployment, depending on your circumstances, you will begin to receive an unemployment check or direct deposit usually on a monthly basis. You will need to keep in contact with the New Hampshire unemployment office on occasion in order to continue getting your unemployment check.

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