How to Get Social Security Retirement Benefits_________________________________________________________________________________

Getting on Social Security retirement benefit from the United States Government is a simple process. All it takes is that you meet the minimum requirements to get social security, and you will be on your way to receiving social security checks.

Social Security is funded from deductions taken out of the paychecks by Americans to assist other Americans who are retired.

What You will need:
* Internet access or phone line
* Ability to get to a social security office

1. Check and make sure that you meed the requirements for the social security government benefit. These requirements are:

You must be 62 Years of Age
You have earned enough Social Security Credits
You must meet the income requirements

2. Log into the Social Security web site at
You can call social security at 1-800-772-1213

This will give you more information about where your local offices are and the exact paperwork you will need (for your situation such as retirement) to get the social security benefit.

3. Take your paperwork along with an I.D. to your local social security office and go through the interview process. Once approved you will start to receive social security checks in the mail either on a monthly or bi-monthly basis..

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