How to get on Medicaid in Washington D.C. 

The federal government offers medical insurance to low income families across the nation through funded Medicaid programs offered through the state. Medicaid is also available to persons with disabilities and other ailments as well.

In order to get no Medicaid in Washington D.C., one must meet the eligibility requirements for the Medicaid benefit program.

What You will need:
* Ability to meet Washington D.C.'s Medicaid eligibility requirements
* Phone line

1. Contact Washington D.C.'s Medicaid office at 1-202-724-5506. Tell them that you need a Medicaid application and to mail it to your home. You may be asked as series of eligibility questions over the telephone to see if it's worth them mailing an application to your residence. You can also log into Washington D.C.'s Medicaid Web Site at:,a,3,Q,613280.asp

2. When you receive the Medicaid application in the mail, fill it out as accurately as possible. Once your Medicaid application is approved, you will be sent a Medicaid benefits "insurance" card.

3. Use the Medicaid card at any doctor's office or state health care agency. Your Medicaid card will be accepted at most health facilities. Only an individual practice will tell you how much if any money will be owed.

4. You may have to occasionally fill out an additional Medicaid application to keep the Medicaid benefits going. Be sure to fill these out! If you have any problems with your Medicaid benefits at any Medicaid accepting health facility or Medicaid Doctor's office, be sure to contact your state's Medicaid office for assistance.

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