How to Get Medicaid in Hawaii 

Medicaid is full health insurance and supplemental insurance that provides people with low to lower incomes with health insurance. Most doctors' offices nationwide accept Medicaid for your health care needs. This government program is given out through state agencies. To get Medicaid benefits in Hawaii you will need to follow these steps.

What you will need:
* Ability to prove your income level.
* Ability to apply online and/or make it to a local office.

1. Get a Medicaid application form for the state of Hawaii. These forms are common at many government offices and many county hospitals. The easiest way to get a Medicaid application is either by visiting a local Medicaid office or having one mailed to you. You can have an application mailed to you by calling:


2. Fill out the Medicaid application as accurately as possible. Be sure to be extremely accurate on the amount of money that you earn as this will determine your Medicaid eligibility and the amount of benefits that you get. If you need help with your application be sure that you call your local county office.

3. Turn in your Medicaid application to an office near you. You can find the address to your local Hawaii Medicaid office by visiting:

4. Once your application is approved, you will get a Medicaid insurance card in the mail. You will be able to use this insurance card at almost every health care provider in your area. Almost every hospital in America takes the Medicaid insurance.

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