How to get Medicaid benefits in California.

How to Get Medicaid in California 

The California Medicaid program is a full governmental assistance health insurance and also a supplemental insurance that works with common health insurance. This provides people who have low to lower income levels by giving them low cost or free health insurance. By using Medicaid, these people will be able to save money on the expensive price of health insurance. Many health clinics and almost any hospital in the United States will accept Medicaid as insurance.

1. The first thing that you will want to get is a Medicaid application form for California. You can get this form at many government offices along with many county hospitals. The most common way to get the form is by visiting a local Medicaid office or you can have one mailed to you. If you would like to have the California Medicaid application mailed to you please call the following phone number.800-428-8988

2. Complete the Medicaid application in ink as accurately as possible. You will absolutely want to make sure that you are incredibly accurate on the income that you earn as this will determine if you have Medicaid eligibility. If you don't understand the application or need help filling it out, please call your county office at the number above.

3. Bring the Medicaid application to a local county DHS office. Here is a good web site that will help you find a local DHS office near you.

4. When you are approved for California Medicaid benefits, you will get a Medicaid card in the mail. Be sure that you call ahead to a physician's clinic to make sure that they accept Medicaid. Almost any major hospital or larger physician's facility will accept Medicaid as insurance.

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