How to get on Medicaid in Arkansas.

How to Get on Medicaid in Arkansas 

Arkansas has a health insurance supplement program to help people of low income or with disabilities. This program is called Medicaid. Many doctors' offices all over the United States will accept Medicaid with or without insurance for your office or hospital visits. The Medicaid government benefit program is completely handled at the State level. If you would like to get more information on how to get Medicaid benefits in Arkansas please continue to the following steps.

1. Acquire an Arkansas Medicaid application for the State of Arkansas. These application forms are very common at all government DHS offices and also may be available at most county funded hospitals. The fastest way to acquire the application is most likely achieved by visiting a local Medicaid office or simply having one mailed to you for free. If you would like the Medicaid application mailed to you, then you'll have to call the following number.


2. With total and complete accuracy, fill out the Arkansas Medicaid application. You'll need to be perfectly accurate on the amount of your income as this will determine your Medicaid eligibility and also affect the amount of the Medicaid benefits that you can get. If you need help with the language or filling out the Medicaid application in any way, be sure to contact a DHS office near you.

3. Bring the Arkansas Medicaid application to a DHS office of your choice. If you need to find the physical address for a DHS office near you, please visit the following web site then continue to the next step.

4. In a short while your Arkansas Medicaid application will finally be approved. Soon you will receive an Arkansas Medicaid insurance supplementation card in the mail. This Medicaid insurance card will be able to be used at nearly every hospital or health care facility or physician's clinic in your area.

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