How to get on Medicaid in Arizona.

How to Get on Medicaid in Arizona 

The Arizona Medicaid program provides full health insurance or supplemental health insurance which helps people of lower incomes save money on the cost of health insurance. Many of the doctors' offices and health care facilities nationwide accept Medicaid as insurance. This government benefit program is handled through state agencies such as the Department of Human Services. In order to get on Medicaid benefits in Arizona please follow these steps.

1. You'll first need to get an Arizona Medicaid application form. You can get the form from any government DHS office and many county hospitals. However, the quickest way to get an Arizona Medicaid application is by visiting a local Medicaid DHS office. The DHS office can also more than likely mail one to you if you call them at the following phone number.


2. Completely fill out the Arizona Medicaid application. You want to be sure to always be accurately as possible. The section of the application that asks of your income level is a place to be extremely accurate as this will determine your Medicaid eligibility. If you don't understand the wording, speak a different language, or need any assistance filling out the application, please call your local county office at the phone number above.

3. Bring the Medicaid application to a DHS office that is close to you. If you don't know of an office near you, you can find the address by visiting the following web site then continue to step 4.

4. When the Arizona Medicaid application is finally approved, you will receive a Medicaid insurance card in your mail box. This insurance card will be able to be used at almost any hospital or health care facility in your area. Be sure to call ahead however to ensure that the facility accepts Medicaid. Most hospitals in the United States will accept Medicaid as health insurance.

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