Energy Assistance LIHEAP

How to Get Energy Assistance in Ohio 

Energy assistance in Ohio is called HEAP. Low income home energy assistance program helps people of low income pay for their electric bill who would otherwise struggle to pay for their electricity. This program provided by the government, gives financial aid to households and families that need help. If you need help paying your electric bill, use the following steps to help you get on HEAP.

What you will need:
* A telephone and/or internet connection
* Ability to go to a county office

1. In order to get on the Ohio HEAP program, you have to complete a HEAP application. Be sure that you fill out the energy assistance application as accurately as possible. Be sure to include all your sources of income so that the electricity assistance office can determine if you qualify for the low income energy assistance. You can do an application over the phone or have it mailed to you by calling:


2. If you choose to fill out a HEAP application by hand, you must mail it to the HEAP office in order to get your energy assistance benefit. You can get the address to your energy assistance office by visiting:

3. Once you are approved for the HEAP benefit and have been determined to be of low income, you will begin to receive energy assistance on your electric bill. You must tell the electricity assistance office in Ohio who your electric provider is so that your bills will be adjusted with your energy assistance benefit. HEAP will either greatly reduce your electric bill, if not pay for the entire bill.

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