How to get LIHEAP in Nebraska.

How to Get LIHEAP in Nebraska 

The State of Nebraska has an energy assistance program to help those who have a low income, the disabled, and the elderly. This program is called LIHEAP. Low income home energy assistance program provides assistance to people who make a low income to pay for their electric bill. These people would often struggle to pay for their electricity without the program's cash assistance credited towards their bill. The program is funded by the federal government and regulated through state agencies. It was incepted to give financial aid into energy utility costs to households that need help. If you or a loved one would like to apply for energy assistance in Nebraska, the following steps will help you.

Application for LIHEAP in Nebraska

If you or a loved one is wishing to apply for LIHEAP in Nebraska, you will need to complete a Nebraska LIHEAP application form. There are two versions of this form. The first is a simple online application that can be completed at the Nebraska DHS web site. The other form is a paper application which can be obtained at any DHS office. The questions are generally the same, on either application; however, the paper application has some additional things to consider. You will need to ensure that all of your sources of income are included on either application form. It may also need information such as the names of everybody living in your home and their social security number. You can complete an application over the phone or have it mailed to you by calling the following phone number.


Nebraska LIHEAP Application Review

Once the application is submitted, it will undergo a review process by Nebraska LIHEAP representatives. They will measure the amount of income by the applicant and put it against a chart of approval to calculate the potential benefit amount the applicant can receive. During the process, sources of income along with other personal information may be verified. It is important if completing a paper application that the applicant spell and write neatly to avoid the agent having to contact them for an explanation while they verify information.

Upon approval of LIHEAP benefits, the recipient will begin to see credits on their electric bill within 2 billing cycles. The credits will vary and are dependent on the amount of income and where the applicant's financial situation rests them on the benefit scale. The energy assistance benefit in Nebraska does not have a time limit for those with children, elderly, and the disabled.

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