How to get LIHEAP in Montana

How to Get LIHEAP in Montana 

Montana offers an energy assistance program for people with a low income, the elderly, and people with disabilities to ensure that people will be able to have sufficient power to provide for heat and other electrical needs. This assistance program is known as LIHEAP in the State of Montana. It is very easy for any person who lives in the state to apply for the LIHEAP program. A person would need to simply locate their nearest DHS office in the state or have the DHS web site information over the internet in order to apply.

Apply for LIHEAP in Montana

Every person who wishes to get on the LIHEAP program in Montana will need to complete an application. This can be accomplished either through an online application or through a standard paper application form. If an individual is applying through a traditional paper application they will need to obtain an application form by mail by calling 800-332-2272. When the applicant is completing this application they will need to ensure that they correctly spell and legibly write their information. Please remember that the Montana DHS employees will need to read this information in order to enter it into their systems.

If an applicant is completing an online application form they will simply insert their information into the application online. This information must be accurate including all of the household's income, any disabilities, bill information, etc. This way the DHS can use a scale to determine the amount of LIHEAP benefits that will be awarded on the recipient's electric bill.

LIHEAP Payments on your Electric Bill

The DHS will ask the new recipient for the information on their electric bill including their provider and account number. Sometimes the DHS will simply request a copy of the electric bill that will be credited. This will give them all of the technical information that they need including the EIN number from the electric meter.

Once the applicant is fully approved for LIHEAP benefits in Montana, they will automatically receive the credits on their electric bill.

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