Apply for LIHEAP in Missouri.

How to get LIHEAP in Missouri 

With so much fluctuation in our nation's economy, many people are finding themselves in the need to get on LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program) in order to help them afford their electric bill. In order to qualify for LIHEAP in Missouri, a person or family will need to be disabled, have a low income, or be elderly. Once incepted, the program will provide direct assistance on the recipient's electric bill. Often this program is used for elderly people, which allows them to heat or cool their home. This can also be crucial to medical situations that can arise during extreme temperatures. Some sensitive medical equipment also requires the use of electricity, which the LIHEAP program can make more affordable.

Apply for LIHEAP in Missouri

When a person is ready to apply for the electric benefits, they will need to determine if applying online or through a standard paper application suits them better. Usually most people decide that they would like to apply online because of the simplistic nature of the acquisition of the application, and submission process. If somebody wants to apply with a paper application, they will need to acquire the application form from a LIHEAP office. While completing the application, the applicant will need to ensure that the information provided is accurate and can be proven with paperwork. The applicant will have to be detailed on any disability, the amount of people in the home, along with the household income amount.

If a person is completing a paper application, they will need to double check the application for spelling errors along with taking special care to ensure legibility. The paper application will then need to be submitted to an LIHEAP office. Upon reception of the LIHEAP application, the agent will quickly determine if the candidate's credentials appear to fit within the range of approval for the benefit program. The applicant will then be given an interview time, and their information will be reviewed. The income level, age, and disabilities will all be measured against a scale of benefits, and the amount of benefits that will be awarded.

Upon approval, the agents may need specific information about your electric provider. This information includes the provider of the power (in deregulated areas), account number, and possibly the EIN number from the electric meter. This will help the agency grant credits to the recipient's electric bill.

Please keep in mind that there are many people applying for LIHEAP at this time. There may be a slightly longer wait than usual during the application process. The agents are trying hard to process your application as quickly as possible. There may be long lines at the agencies, so it is encouraged for people to apply through the online application process.

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