Apply for LIHEAP in Minnesota.

How to get LIHEAP in Minnesota 

With higher energy prices causing distress on many low income homes in Minnesota, people are gathering information on how to get LIHEAP. LIHEAP or "Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program" is designed to help people of low income, those with disabilities, and the elderly to be able to pay their electric and heating oil bills. Often the groups of eligible recipients would struggle financially if they had to incur the complete cost of these ever growing bills. This welfare benefit program is partially funded by the Federal government, State government, corporate donations, and individual contributions.

Apply for LIHEAP in Minnesota

The application process for LIHEAP is simple, however it is detailed. There are two ways that one can begin the application process. The first is applying online, and the second is using a standard paper application form. If somebody decides to apply online, they will merely just have to use the internet to complete the application. When the application is complete the submission process is as simple as pressing the submit button. Other people who do not have internet access or like their applications in writing will need to obtain a paper application form. This can be done by acquiring the address of your local LIHEAP office. Minnesota has many locations available, and if you would like to find one near your home, you can do so by calling 1-800-657-3710.

Once the application has been submitted, it will undergo a review process. During this process, the LIHEAP agents will measure the entire income level from every member of a household against a scale. They will also consider the disabilities and ages of the people in a home into the formula based scale. This will determine the amount of LIHEAP benefits that will be credited towards a person's electric or heating oil bills. The amount of credit will vary, but often covers a significant portion or the entire bill amount.

Since there are so many people applying for LIHEAP at this time in Minnesota, the review process may be slightly delayed. Please understand that the agents are working hard to process many applications and want to process yours as quickly as possible.

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