Apply for LIHEAP in Michigan.

How to get LIHEAP in Michigan 

Many residents in Michigan have trouble affording the ever increasing prices of their electric and oil bills. Many of these people have an incredibly low income, are disabled, are elderly, or are going through extreme health issues. Michigan offers an assistance program called LIHEAP which is designed to give qualified recipients credits on their energy bills. For many recipients of the LIHEAP program if they were without these credits they would suffer from disconnection which often would leave the individual suffering from the cold or heat. This safety net provides those who cannot afford their bills to have assurance and security.

How to Apply for LIHEAP in Michigan

To apply for LIHEAP in Michigan, an applicant will have to complete either a paper application form or they will need to fill out the online application. The application will have questions about the income level of the applicant(s), ages of everybody in the home, and if anybody has a disability in the residence. The application can be found at any Michigan DHS office or on their web site. Please be thorough in your answers and as detailed as possible. Also please remember that an agent will need to be able to read the applicant's hand writing in order to process the information. Good legibility and spelling can help expedite the LIHEAP application process. The phone number for the main LIHEAP office in Michigan is 517-373-2035.

When the application is approved the agents will need information about the recipient's bills. They will need (but not limited to) account numbers, EIN numbers, and the name of the utility provider. This information will be used by the agents to grant credits onto the electric and oil bills of the recipient. This will often reduce or eliminate the entire bill. Please remember at this time there are many people needing assistance in this country and the agents are striving hard to process as many applications as possible. There may be slight delays in the processing time, but the LIHEAP agents will process yours as soon as possible.

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