Apply for LIHEAP in Massachusetts.

How to Get Energy Assistance in Massachusetts 

Massachusetts has a safeguard for the elderly, disabled, and low income families that helps them to afford or pay off their electric bill. This assistance program is called LIHEAP. "Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program" gives assistance to these people by either paying a portion of their electric bill, or completely paying it off. This often allows elderly people to stay cool in the summers, warm in the winters, and also improves the quality of life of other people in need. This program is funded by the Federal Government, State Government, corporate donations, and individual and private contributions. If you or a loved one would like to apply for this assistance program, it is a very simple process but detail oriented.

Apply for LIHEAP in Massachusetts

The application process for Massachusetts LIHEAP involves either completing a paper application form or filling out an online application. Both applications will require the same information about your financial situation, age, or disabilities. The main difference in the applications is that you will need to ensure that you write legibly on a paper form. Also the paper application will need to be submitted either by mail or brought to a local LIHEAP office. The online application is simply submitted online and the applicant will then wait to be contacted by the agents.

A paper application form can be obtained by mail if you call the following phone number. 1-800-632-8175 Also, you may obtain an application form by visiting any DHS office or field office.

After your application is submitted it will undergo a review process. During this process your financial information along with the consideration of your health and age will be measured against a qualification scale and a payout scale. The amount of payout benefits will be determined directly by this scale and cannot be adjusted for any reason unless a private contributor has given funds for a certain illness or disability that would cause a person to not be able to pay their electric bill.

After Approval

When the applicant is approved for the LIHEAP benefits, they will be issued money credits on their electric bill. The recipient will need to provide account numbers and possibly an EIN number from their meter in deregulated areas. As soon as the agency has the specific information about the recipient's electric provider, they will begin to work in conjunction to credit the electric bill. Please keep in mind that there are many people applying for LIHEAP in Massachusetts at the current time, so there may be slight delays in processing time.

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