How to apply for MEAP in Maryland.

How to get MEAP in Maryland 

Energy assistance in Maryland is called MEAP, which works similar to the LIHEAP program in many states. MEAP or "Maryland Energy Assistance Program" helps people who have a low income, the elderly, and those suffering from disabilities to be able to afford their electric bill. Often the recipients of the MEAP program would greatly struggle to pay the charges given to them on their electric bill. Often many recipients have important medical equipment that requires power and need the assistance in order to avoid disconnection. The Maryland MEAP program is funded by federal money, corporate contributions, and individual donations. If you need to apply for energy assistance in Maryland, please use the following guide below.

Applying for MEAP

The Maryland MEAP program is very easy to apply for. Any applicant can simply complete an application online or they may complete a standard paper application form. A standard paper application form can be acquired from any local Maryland DHR office. The online application is the preferred choice for most applicants because the submission process is simpler and the processing time is expedited as the information is already in the MEAP agent's computer system. If the applicant decides that they wish to complete a standard paper application anyway, they need to ensure that their information is written very legibly so that the agents will be able to process it. There will be many questions about the financial status of every family member and there may be other questions about various financial resources that the applicant may have. If you have any questions about applying for MEAP electric assistance, please call the following number.

1 (800)-352-1446

When the application is complete, those who have completed the online version will simply be able to submit the application form. Those who have completed the application by hand will need to bring it or mail it to a MEAP office so that an agent may begin to process the information. If you are unsure of where your local office is, please use the following web link to assist you.

After the application is submitted, it will undergo a lengthy review process. The agents will determine the amount of money that can be credited towards a recipient based on a scale that measures their income level against the amount of people in their home. Those who qualify will be notified by the MEAP agents by mail, and will be sent instructions and information about the amount of money that will be credited towards their electric bill. This is based solely on the approval level, which takes into consideration things such as disabilities and age.

When a person is approved for the MEAP assistance program, they will need to provide the agency information about their electric service. They will need account numbers and possibly EIN numbers from the electric meters in deregulated areas. There will be credits given on the bill or the bill will be completely paid off depending on the amount awarded. Please keep in mind that at this time there are many people seeking information on how to get MEAP in Maryland so there may be slight delays in processing time.

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