Apply for LIHEAP in Maine.

How to get LIHEAP in Maine 

The State of Maine has an assistance program to help people of low income, who have disabilities and the elderly with the high charges on their electric bills. This program is called LIHEAP or "Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program". This program greatly assists so many people in providing adequate heating in the winter months where heating oil is not available. It allows for people to have the basic comfort of electricity who would have difficulty paying for their electric bill. This program is funded by incentives from the federal government, corporate contributions, and private donations by the residents of Maine.

Apply for LIHEAP in Maine

Maine has two ways that you can apply for the LIHEAP benefits. The first way is to complete a standard paper application. You can get this application by visiting a local DHS office or you may download and print the application. The second way is to complete an online application form. Here you will need to give the same information about your income level, amount of people in your home, your ages, and any disabilities that may exist. You will have to divulge some other personal information such as bank account balances, any possible royalty payments, the amount of your bills, etc.

If you are completing a paper application form, ensure that you have written legibly so that the LIHEAP agents will be able to process your application in a timely manner. Unreadable applications are subject to delays or rejection. The application must be brought or mailed to a LIHEAP office in your area. Once received, the application will be reviewed by an agent to roughly check if the applicant is within the range of financial or disability qualification for the benefits. If the applicant's information meets these minimum requirements, the agent will setup an interview time over the phone or in person.

When you are approved for LIHEAP, the office will need to collect information about your electric provider and possibly some technical information off your electric meter (especially in deregulated areas). You will begin to receive credits on your electric bill or you may even be approved to have your entire electric bill paid off. Please remember that there are many people seeking information on how to get LIHEAP in Maine at this time. The processing time may be slightly delayed, but the agents are working hard to get you approved!

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