How to apply for LIHEAP in Louisiana

How to Get Energy Assistance in Louisiana 

The energy assistance program in Louisiana is called LIHEAP. "Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program" gives people who have a low income the ability to better afford their electric bill by means of applying credits to the bill, or completely paying it off. These people who make a low income often struggle to pay their electric bills causing great financial hardship to their families. Often the recipients of LIHEAP are the elderly and disabled, who need heating and air conditioning to help with medical conditions. Sometimes it's even a life and death situation. LIHEAP is funded by the federal government, the State of Louisiana, corporate contributions, and private donations. LIHEAP in Louisiana is often also funded by various charities that understand the dire importance electricity is for many people who can't afford it.

Applying for LIHEAP in Louisiana

The application process of LIHEAP in Louisiana is lengthy, but it is fairly simple as well. The application form can be completed online, or any person may apply by completing a standard paper application form. The application will consist of information about the applicant's income level, amount of people in the home, and it will also want information about the applicant's financial resources. This information will be verified by the LIHEAP agent so please answer all questions as accurately as possible. Also please keep in mind that if you are choosing to complete a paper application, you will need to write legibly so that the agents will be able to process the application form. For language assistance during the application process, please contact your local DHS office.

If you are completing a paper application you will need to mail your application or personally bring it to a LIHEAP processing office. If you have completed an online application, the submit button at the end of the application will automatically submit the form to the appropriate location. The agents will review the application to ensure your income and financial resources meet the minimum requirements to be able to qualify for the benefit.

When you are approved for LIHEAP in Louisiana, the agents will contact you for more information about your electric provider. In deregulated areas, they will need to know who your electric provider is, and also the EIN number from your electric meter (often printed on your electric bill). They will begin to issue the appropriate amount of financial credits directly to the bill or entirely pay off the bill depending on your financial and health situation. Please remember that there are many people seeking information on how to get LIHEAP in Louisiana at this time, and the lines and processing time may take longer than usual.

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