Kentucky LIHEAP application.

How to get LIHEAP in Kentucky 

The "Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program" or LIHEAP is a program designed to assist people who make a low income in making their electric bill more affordable. Most people who earn a low income could heavily struggle in paying for their power bill without the assistance of the LIHEAP program. The program is funded by private donations, corporate contributions, along with infusions of cash from the government. LIHEAP grants funds to families and individuals as a direct credit on their electric bill rather than funds given directly to the recipient. LIHEAP in Kentucky is managed both by the Kentucky DHS, along with private organizations.

Apply for LIHEAP in Kentucky

The application process for the Kentucky LIHEAP program can be completed online or an applicant may complete a standard paper application. The application forms can be obtained at any Kentucky DHS office. When either completing the application online or on paper, the applicant has to complete the questions with accuracy. There will be questions about the incomes of every member of the household that must be completed. The amount of assistance that the agents use to determine the amounts of credits that will be given on an electric bill is determined by a scale that measures the amount of people against the household income level.

If you are completing the paper application form, you will need to ensure that the writing is completely legible so that the agents will be able to submit your information into the Kentucky LIHEAP database. The information will then be processed as if submitted through the online method. If your financial information falls within the range of potential approval, the agents will contact you for any additional information that they will need to approve you.

Additional Information

The agents will then need information about your electric provider in order to put the credits directly on your electric bill. They will need to know the name of your provider, the EIN from your electric meter (in deregulated areas), and also the amount of your last three electric bills. Please remember that during these economic times there are many people seeking for ways on how to get LIHEAP in Kentucky. The lines may be long and the processing time delayed. Patience is appreciated!

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