How to get LIHEAP in Kansas.

How to apply for LIHEAP in Kansas 

Kansas has an electric bill assistance program for its residents who make a low income. This program is called LIHEAP which stands for "Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program". LIHEAP assists low income people by either paying a percentage of their electric bill or it will entirely pay off the bill. Disabled and elderly people are also eligible for this benefit to ensure that they will have power for heating, cooling, and to have electrical medical devices properly powered. Most recipients would have great financial difficulty and struggle to pay for their electric bill if they did not have the assistance provided by LIHEAP. This program provided by the government, individual donations, and corporate contributions, helps individuals and families to live a better quality of life with the electric bill aid. If you are interested in joining the LIHEAP program, please use the following steps to assist you.

Apply for Kansas LIHEAP

In order to apply for the Kansas LIHEAP program, all applicants will need to complete an application. This form can be obtained from visiting a local Kansas DCF office or one can be mailed to you free of charge. Please list all of your sources of income and any personal financial information so that the agents can determine if your financial situation falls within the approval range acceptable to LIHEAP. Also you will need to list personal identifying information for every person who lives in your home, along with their income levels.

It is also possible to complete an application form over the internet which will be processed by the DCF automatically. Through this method, the submission process is much simpler however it may not be reviewed by an agent if the application is turned down. If you have chosen to complete a standard paper application form, you will need to mail it or bring it to a DCF office near you in order for it to be reviewed.

During the Kansas LIHEAP application review process, the agents will measure income levels against the amount of people in a home. They will also take into consideration if any residents have a disability or are elderly. They will take this information and reference a scale to determine if the applicant has qualifying credentials to be approved to receive LIHEAP. If they do, the agent will contact the applicant for further information about their electric provider. They will need the account number and possibly the EIN number from the electric bill in deregulated areas. Soon the recipient will see the credits on their electric bill that will provide a reduction or complete elimination of the electricity charges.

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