Apply for electric bill assistance in Iowa.

How to LIHEAP in Iowa 

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (aka LIHEAP) provides financial electric bill assistance with and individuals or families who earn a low income. During periods of extremely high or low temperatures, electric bills can crush the finances of a low income family. LIHEAP helps the people in Iowa who earn a low income by paying for a portion or the entire electric bill of the people receiving the assistance. LIHEAP in Iowa is funded by individual contribution, corporate donations, and money provided by the government. County welfare offices will be able to assist any potential applicant to direct them in the application process. If you are interested in applying for the LIHEAP program in Iowa, the following steps will assist you.

Any applicant for LIHEAP will need to complete an application form. The form is available online, but can also be obtained from any LIHEAP office or be mailed to you free of charge. You will need to provide information such as you name, social security number and income information for every member of your household on the application. The information must be accurate and legible in order for the LIHEAP office to process the information in a timely manner. The energy assistance office will determine if your income level falls within the approval range for the LIHEAP benefit in Iowa. The amount of money awarded to be paid on your electric bill will be determined on a scale based on your income level.

If you have completed a standard paper application form rather than the online version, you will need to mail your application or bring it to a local LIHEAP office. The agents will quickly determine if your information is going to meet approval and may need to schedule an interview time with you.

After your information is reviewed and approved, and your income levels have been determined to be of low income, you will then need to provide the LIHEAP office of some specifics on your electric bill. They will most likely need your electric bill account number and possibly the EIN number off your electric meter in deregulated areas. Once they have this information, they will contact your electric provider and tell them of the amount to credit to your electric bill on a monthly basis. Elderly and disabled people often have the entire bill paid off. At this time there are many people seeking ways on how to get LIHEAP in Iowa, and the lines may be long at the LIHEAP office.

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