Apply for LIHEAP in Indiana.

How to get LIHEAP in Indiana 

With so many suffering from earning a low income, many people want to know how to get LIHEAP in Indiana. LIHEAP means "Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program". This program assists people who earn a low income to afford electricity. It will reduce the amount of their electric bill or eliminate it all together. If many of these individuals and families had to outright pay for the full price of electricity, they would struggle and endure financial hardship when the bills come due. The LIHEAP program in Indiana is funded by government incentives, corporate contributions, and individual donations. The program can also be used to help the elderly and disabled people to afford to pay for their heating and cooling costs. If you would like to apply for the LIHEAP program in Indiana, it is a very easy, but lengthy process.

Apply for LIHEAP in Indiana

To apply for the Indiana LIHEAP program, you will have to complete an application either online or a standard paper application form. On this form, you will have to make an emphasis to complete the information with accuracy and legibility in order for the Indiana LIHEAP representatives to be able to process the information. The agents will determine if the information that you give them about your income levels and electric bill amounts qualifies for the range of approval for Indiana LIHEAP. Again, please be as accurate as possible. Include all your sources of income so that the electricity assistance office can give you a fair amount of electric bill assistance. You can optionally complete a LIHEAP application over the telephone. Your LIHEAP offices will also be happy to mail you a free application form.

When you have completed a non-internet LIHEAP application, you will need to mail the application to an LIHEAP office. They are happy to provide you with a prepaid envelope, but often most people choose to just use a regular stamp. If an internet application was completed, the information will be electronically submitted to the appropriate agency.

Upon approval for the Indiana LIHEAP electric bill assistance benefit and have been determined to be of low income, you will begin to receive energy assistance on your electric bill. You must tell the electricity assistance office in Indiana who your electric provider and they also may need information from your electric meter (EIN number). Following this given information, your bills will be adjusted with your energy assistance benefit or eliminated completely. The Indiana LIHEAP offices look forward to helping you in your time of need, and strive to provide professional service for those in need.

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