Apply for LIHEAP in Idaho.

How to get LIHEAP in Idaho 

Many financially burdened families need help paying for their electric bill. Fortunately, they are able to turn to assistance programs such as LIHEAP. LIHEAP which stands for "Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program" helps to provide people who earn a low income to reduce or eliminate their electric bill. These individuals and families would have a great difficulty paying for their electricity without this assistance. This program provided by the government, corporate contributions, and individual donations, greatly helps families to be relieved from extreme heating and cooling costs. Elderly and disabled people are also assisted due to the health concerns that they may have from extreme temperatures. LIHEAP provides relief for many people across the state of Idaho. You can apply for LIHEAP in Idaho, using these steps.

The Idaho LIHEAP application process is simple and only requires that an applicant to complete a standard application form, or to complete an application online. You will need to answer the questions accurately and state all of your sources of income. Also, you will need to ensure that your handwriting is legible for the Idaho LIHEAP agents to read to avoid processing delays. Your sources of income will be measured against the amount of people in your home to determine the amount of LIHEAP benefits that you will receive. The LIHEAP energy assistance agents will determine this amount for you based on the scale that is in place. The application is available online, or you may have a free application form mailed to you by calling the following phone number.

Phone: (208) 746-3351
Toll-free: 1-800-326-4843

If you are completing a paper application, you will need to double check all of your answers for correct spelling and legibility. You will need to mail the application form to an LIHEAP office near you. Once the agents receive your application, they will begin to process the information. They will first determine if your income levels fall within the range of qualification. Once your information is determined to fall within this range, they will process all of your income levels, personal information, and other data from government benefits you potentially may be receiving. They will contact you and let you know the status of your LIHEAP benefits.

When the application has been process and you have been given approval to receive LIHEAP in Idaho, you will need to provide the LIHEAP office with some information about your electric usage. First, they will need information about your electric provider. They may also need information about the EIN number off your electric meter. This information is available on your electric bill. After the agents receive this information, they will begin to credit or completely pay off your electric bill depending on the amount of benefits they approve.

At this current time there are many people seeking information on how to get LIHEAP in Idaho. There may be some processing delays due to the agents being incredibly busy processing many application forms. Please be prepared to be patient while your application is processed. LIHEAP has helped hundreds of thousands of Idaho citizens to afford their electric costs.



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