Apply for LIHEAP in Hawaii.

How to get LIHEAP in Hawaii 

In Hawaii, there is a wonderful energy assistance program called LIHEAP. LIHEAP stands for "Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program". This program which is funded by individual contributions, corporate incentives, and government money, issues credits on a recipient's electric bill to reduce the amount or completely eliminate the money owed. Every recipient must have a low income, a disability, or be in the care of a person with a disability to be eligible to receive LIHEAP in Hawaii. If you need help paying your electric bill and have a low income level, use the following steps to help you get on LIHEAP.

Apply for LIHEAP in Hawaii

To begin the application process for LIHEAP in Hawaii, an applicant will need to obtain an LIHEAP application form. The application must be completed accurately and with good legibility so that the processing agents will be able to read it. The applicant must take special care to include all sources of income so that the agents will be able to determine if they fall within the approval scale and to place the recipient with the proper amount of energy assistance. Applicants may also apply over the telephone for the Hawaii LIHEAP electric bill assistance by calling the following telephone number.


If the applicant is completing the standard paper application form, they will need to mail it to an LIHEAP office. A free envelope can be mailed to the applicant as well, but most recipients can afford the price of postal fees.

Upon reception of the Hawaii LIHEAP application form, the agency will process the information to ensure that the applicant's income level qualifies for the program. If the applicant does qualify for the program, the agency will contact them to gather information about their electric provider, the EIN number off their electric meter, and also information about the common amount of their electric bill. The applicant should soon see credits or the complete elimination of the amount of money charged on their electric bill. During this time the agency is very busy as there are many people seeking out how to get LIHEAP in Hawaii. The waits may be longer than usual. The agents are busy processing many applications at this time. Patience is appreciated.

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