Apply for LIHEAP in Georgia.

How to get LIHEAP in Georgia 

As the income levels of Americans fluctuate due to uncertain economic times, many people are seeking how to get LIHEAP in Georgia. The "Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program" assists families that have low sources of income to pay for their electric bill. Often these individuals and families with low incomes would go through great financial difficulty to pay for their electricity costs. The LIHEAP program provided by the individual contributions of donations, corporate contributions, as well as government help, gives this energy assistance to these households and families that need help. If you need assistance on your electric bill, and would like to apply for LIHEAP in Georgia, use the following steps to assist you.

Applying for LIHEAP in Georgia

To get on the Georgia LIHEAP energy assistance program, you have to complete a LIHEAP application. The application can be completed online or anybody can complete a paper application form as well. Take special care to fill out the energy assistance application as accurately and legibly as possible. Include all of your sources of income so that the electricity assistance office can determine if you qualify (and fall within the approval range) for the low income energy assistance program. The application is available to complete online, or one can be mailed to you free of charge by calling the following number.

Call: 800-869-1150

If you have completed a standard paper application form, you will need to mail it to a local LIHEAP office. It will undergo a somewhat lengthy approval process. You may have to mail some information about your financial situation to the LIHEAP agents. You can get the address to your energy assistance office by visiting the following site and calling the right office for your county:

When your information has been approved and you have been determined to be a good recipient for the Georgia LIHEAP program, you will be contacted by the LIHEAP office. They will need further information about your electric provider and may need your EIN number off your electric meter (in deregulated areas). The Georgia LIHEAP programs will either greatly reduce your electric bill, or they will pay for the entire bill. Your local LIHEAP office will have a lot of information to assist you with the application process if help is needed.

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